Clone existing configuration

I think it’ll useful options. I don’t understand what’s goal of Export Configuration? I thought that I can export config and import when creating and after change some parameters. But link to DB and some metadata also copied to the file.

So how I can clone backup config and what’s goal of Export Configuration?

The goal of exporting backups is that you can import it back to the same computer or another computer (for example when your computer is lost by a system crash).

You can use the export/import function for cloning a backup job, but indeed you should change the DBPath line in your config file (as well as Backup name and ID) before importing it back.

Upss. i did just this: i created a first backup job. then i exported the config of this job, added a new job from this exported file and just edited the files to backup and destination.
I did NOT change any paths to the database. Is that gonna be a problem?
All three jobs created this way seem to run fine so far…

Export your backup configuration to Commandline and check the database path/filename. Every backup configurations should have its own local DB.
If multiple backup jobs are configured to use the same local DB, change thebackup configs to use unique DB filenames.
Click on a backup job and choose “Database”. Change the Local Database Path field and click the Save button.
A new local DB will be created automatically when the next backup starts.

Thank you for your answer. I suggest to add option to exclude a link to db and ID.

But now is it possible to export, import to new and after change path to DB?

OK, now i’m a bit confused :slight_smile:

  • @avmaksimov - it is possible - tried just that (export, import to new and change path to db in GUI.
  • @kees-z - despite i did not change the path after creating a new job from the exported config of another job - all 3 jobs created this way do have a dedicated DB with a unique name…?!

I can’t find it now, but IIRC, @kenkendk pointed out somewhere at GitHub that new filenames for the local DB are generated when importing config files, just for this specific reason.
You can verify if all backup configs use a unique DB file. If for any reason, 2 jobs use the same filename, you will run into problems and will need to change the filename of the conflicting backup job. But probably this is not needed, Duplicati will take care of this when importing a file.

Thanks for clearing that out!
So in fact (just witnessed it :-)) you can export a job config file, make a new one out of it and duplicati will change the db name of the new job for you. Nothing to worry about at this point.

Probably, it isn’t work. I export config. Than create and import new. After this I can only Repair DB and Change Filename. I changed filename and save I seen info:
Source:14.91 GB
Backup:16.45 GB / 7 Versions

But this is new backup. I clicked on Repair and see this error: No files were found at the remote location, perhaps the target url is incorrect?

Unfortunately, no. After export and import I have the same DB name.

So I didn’t undestand what the goal of export)

Here is what i did and what happened (3 times):

  • put up the initial backup - run it once or twice
  • export the config to file
  • create new backup job from file (config file from first job)
  • new backup job is showing backup sizes and versions from old job (as you said)
  • run new backup job
  • new backup job shows now correct backup size and versions (1 version)
  • click at “database…” in gui and check the database path and name
  • it IS another name for the db as the original job (same path though)

Seem to work (at least in my case)? But you have to run the new job once i think for changes to take effect.

In my case I DB changed after import to avoid problems with both backups (excetially, old).

In your case I think is no correct to use same DB to run different backup job.

Sorry if i was a bit unclear:
Duplicati is changing the database names if you create a new job from an existing one.
I did this 6 times and now have 6 different databases. Every job has it’s own database
You don’t have to do this manually (but you can :-))

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Thank you. But what about information from old backup about amount file size and versions?

That information is updated once you do your first backup, but it is a bit confusing.

I added a feature to deal with this on Saturday, #2986. It gives the option to remove that metadata when importing.