Chrash after v2.0.6.0 autoupdate

Hi there. I’ve got fresh update v2.0.6.0 popup in the web interface, agreed and set it up, then Duplicati failed.
What should I do to hide unstable updates popup?

1000 2 100 0x80000000000000 55751 Application Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe 5969d42d KERNELBASE.dll 6.1.7601.23796 59029714 e0434352 000000000001a06d 14d0 01d73360885805c9 C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe C:\Windows\system32\KERNELBASE.dll c897edd5-9f53-11eb-88db-902b34593295 1026 2 0 0x80000000000000 55750 Application Приложение: Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe Версия платформы: v4.0.30319 Описание. Процесс был завершен из-за необработанного исключения. Сведения об исключении: System.Exception в Duplicati.Server.Program.CreateApplicationInstance(Boolean writeConsole) в Duplicati.Server.Program.RealMain(String[] _args) Сведения об исключении: System.Exception в Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.HostedInstanceKeeper..ctor(String[] args) в Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.Program.RealMain(String[] _args) --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- в System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw() в Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.UpdaterManager.RunMethod(MethodInfo method, String[] args) в Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.UpdaterManager.<>c__DisplayClass58_0.b__0() в Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.UpdaterManager.WrapWithUpdater(AutoUpdateStrategy defaultstrategy, Action wrappedFunction) в Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.UpdaterManager.RunFromMostRecentSpawn(MethodInfo method, String[] cmdargs, AutoUpdateStrategy defaultstrategy) в Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.Program.Main(String[] args) в System.AppDomain._nExecuteAssembly(RuntimeAssembly assembly, String[] args) в System.AppDomain.ExecuteAssemblyByName(String assemblyName, String[] args) в System.AppDomain.ExecuteAssemblyByName(System.String, System.String[]) в Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.UpdaterManager.RunFromMostRecent(System.Reflection.MethodInfo, System.String[], Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.AutoUpdateStrategy) в Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.Program.Main(System.String[])

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To temporarily dismiss such popups, use the Dismiss button:


however the current goal for the Experimental channel (which you chose) is to test updates.
This happens after Canary channel looks good enough, but Experimental is rare, as is Beta.

Typically, Canary becomes Experimental becomes Beta (widely used) unless issues occur.
So thank you for being the first report that I can find of exactly this issue, and let’s look at it…

Translated message ( is:

1000 2 100 0x80000000000000 55751 Application Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe 5969d42d KERNELBASE.dll 6.1.7601.23796 59029714 e0434352 000000000001a06d 14d0 01d73360885805c9 C: \ Program Files \ DuplicIconati 2 \ DuplicatirayU Windows \ KERNELBASE.dll c897edd5-9f53-11eb-88db-902b34593295 1026 2 0 0x80000000000000 55750 Application Application: Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe Platform version: v4.0.30319 Description. The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception Details: System.Exception at Duplicati.Server.Program.CreateApplicationInstance (Boolean writeConsole) at Duplicati.Server.Program.RealMain (String _args) Exception Details: System.Exception at Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.HostedInstanceKeeper … ctor (String args) at Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.Program.RealMain (String _args) — End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown — at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw () in Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.UpdaterManager.RunMethod (MethodInfo method, String args) in Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.UpdaterManager. <> c__DisplayClass58_0.b__0 () in Duplicati.Libdan.Autopager , Action wrappedFunction) at Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.UpdaterManager.RunFromMostRecentSpawn (MethodInfo method, String cmdargs, AutoUpdateStrategy defaultstrategy) at Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.Program.Main (String.GUI.TrayIcon. untimeAssembly assembly, String args) at System.AppDomain.ExecuteAssemblyByName (String assemblyName, String args) at System.AppDomain.ExecuteAssemblyByName (System.String, System.String ) at Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.UpdFaterManager (System.Reflection.MethodInfo, System.String , Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.AutoUpdateStrategy) at Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.Program.Main (System.String )

A search for “KERNELBASE.dll” “6.1.7601.23796” is getting mostly pages from 2017. What OS is this?


is noteworthy because it means you either have a very old Duplicati base version, or are asking for this outdated update method which is giving some other people some trouble (and the exact trouble varies).


suggests that your original Duplicati installation from .msi was using

Unable to start up after upgrade from - to - System.ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path. #4295 gives history and troubleshooting techniques which found trouble with very old base version of Duplicati starting very new version of Duplicati. Solution was to reinstall base from .msi.

Although you can find your base version anytime by reading C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\changelog.txt, Downgrading / reverting to a lower version shows where previous updates might be. You may avoid the startup crash on by going back to whatever you had before. Was it Experimental before? is Windows 7 SP1

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It was duplicati- updated to duplicati- there before crash.
I uninstalled Duplicati v2.0.6.0, set the latest .Net Framwork and Microsoft Visual C++ then installed duplicati- Now it works ok with all of my old setting.
When I open the page ngax/index.html#/about I see

  • APIVersion : 1
  • ServerVersion :
  • ServerVersionName : -
  • ServerVersionType : Experimental
  • StartedBy : Tray icon
  • BaseVersionName :
  • DefaultUpdateChannel : Experimental
  • DefaultUsageReportLevel : Information
  • OSType : Windows
  • CLROSInfo : {“Platform”:“Win32NT”,“ServicePack”:“Service Pack 1”,“Version”:“6.1.7601.65536”,“VersionString”:“Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1”}

Is it ok or I need to update or reinstall something?

It should be fine. Uninstall doesn’t remove prior updates, so the install probably found
Your Experimental install put you on the Experimental channel, and GUI says you’re still on it.

If you decide to go to the Beta channel (currently Experimental is quite safe, being just before Beta),
Settings can change channels, and if is the next Beta (soon I hope), then you’ll be using that.
Alternatively you can remain on Experimental, though I don’t know what far-future channel plans are.