Choose 'Stop now' but status then shows 'Stopping after current file'

Looks like the stop immediately option isn’t working?
I’m on Windows 10, regular Beta release.

Welcome livetotell,

The pause and stop options are not what most people think they are. As I understand it, the pause option, pauses (rather prevents) new jobs from being submitted to the backup queue. The stop button does stop the currently running job but it’s far from instant. It has to do some “rolling-back” of the changes that have not yet completed and this takes longer than most people think they should have to wait for.

Hey Jimbo,
Thanks for the reply. I get that there would be some tidying up to do, and it couldn’t just stop instantly, but I think the wording is wrong. If it gives you two options;

  1. Stop after current file
  2. Stop now
    and you choose 2, why does the status bar show ‘stopping after current file’? It makes it look like you chose 1.
    I’m fairly sure it says the same thing whether you choose 1 or 2 actually. So maybe just the wording is wrong, but it’s unclear.

Yeah it’s been mentioned a few times. You can read more about it in this thread.

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I have a guess, but I’m not a web developer. Are you? If so you can probably even patch your system:

This file is sitting in your C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\webroot\ngax\index.html if you want to test edits.
If you’ve been doing autoupdates, this folder is just a launcher though, so current update is elsewhere.

I don’t know history or code, but maybe the precise message is precisely wrong for one of the cases…
If that is the case, maybe it should just talk about Stopping instead of stating more than it really knows.

I didn’t find any Issue opened on this for development, but I might have missed it. Regardless, if this is proven by you to be easily fixable at least to avoid confusion, then maybe an issue could be filed for a permanent fix. Anything needing deep code investigation is not likely to happen. Too few developers…

Duplicati only exists and improves thanks to volunteers for code, test, docs, forum, and anywhere else.

If anybody could dig further, the GUI code is probably below, and also explains the delay in either case:

Thanks, but no, I don’t have the skills to try to fix this myself! :slight_smile:

I’m not using autoupdater so I know which file to change. I edited with notepad, did Stop now, got


(A Stop after current file gives my same edited message)

which I think supports a theory of current message being more precise than it has knowledge to be.

I vaguely recall a discussion about whether we really need two varieties of Stop, but I can’t find it…

Getting rid of one would let that message precisely describe whichever one we decide should stay.
There have been reliability (e.g. backup corruptions) problems before, but I haven’t heard of either
variety of Stop doing that lately, otherwise the decision of which to drop might be “the broken one”.