Changing Source Machines & Changing Destination Server Locations?

1. What is the recommended way to change the source machine?

Example: My local machine, which is backed up to a cloud drive via Duplicati, goes belly up. How would I fire up a new system and restore from the backup? Do I need to have copies of each backup config file, or will it work as long as I have the encryption key used during the setup?

2. What is the recommended way to change the destination server location while maintaining the backup state?

Example: I have an external hard drive that is running out of room, so I get a new one and copy the backups to the new one. If I update the settings, will Duplicati pick right back up as if nothing has changed? Can this also be done if switching from one cloud provider to another (provided I can copy the files over)?

trezcan, in regards to disaster recovery / hardware failure you might want to check out this Topic:

For changing destination locations, yes - it’s pretty much as simple as copying/moving the destination data from one place to another and upating the backup job (or creating a new one) to point to the appropriate path at the new destination.

If you’re workin with USB drives in a Windows environment you might want to check out this page which includes information about the --alternate-destination-marker and --alternate-target-paths parameters which help to deal with Windows sometimes assigning different drive letters the a drive each time you connect it.

For example, you back up to USB at drive letter F then unplug the drive and put it away for safe keeping. For your next backup you already have a thumb drive plugged in and IT got assigned drive letter F so now when you plug in your USB backup drive it gets assigned drive G.

Let us know if these don’t help answer your question! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jon! That is exactly what I was looking for.