Changing backup account destination?

I had a backup for, but i wanted to backup the same files to google drive, so i changed the backup destination on the backup to google drive and uploaded the files, but now after each upload i am getting this warning:

Warnings: [ 
The supplied option --auth-username is not supported and will be ignored, 
The supplied option --auth-password is not supported and will be ignored ] 

What does it mean and should i ignore it?

I would imagine this was a parameter left over from the previous storage destination ( Try a restore job to see if it will complete. If it does, then just edit the advanced settings in your storage section and remove this parameter.

I tried to restore some files from the backup and they were restored find. Which parameter do you mean i have to remove from the advanced settings?

Edit your job configuration. Go to Step 2. Click on the down arrow of the advanced options and it should be there.

This is all i have in advanced options:

I think I had the same problem.

If you switch to Speichertyp: Lokaler Ordner you can delete the passwort etc…

Then it should work…

That worked, thanks. When i choose ‘Local folder or drive’ the user name and password for were there, i don’t know why. I delete them and i don’t get warnings any more.

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