Changes in Backup Set

Can you please confirm what happens in the following scenarios when you change your backup set of an established configuration?

  1. Add new files/folders – Duplicati just creates new backup blocks for the new files which doesn’t affect the existing backup volumes? History for the new files will only be available obviously from this day forward when you restore?
  2. Remove files/folders – Duplicati will only keep historical images going forward as per the current retention policy and they will no longer be backed up?
  3. Move existing files/folders (even to a new folder location that wasn’t being backed up previously) – Duplicati will create new backup blocks or is it clever enough to continue using the previous blocks and update going forward? Historical backups available at old location and at new location going forward?


  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.
  3. Duplicati is indeed clever enough to recognise the same file and does not require new blocks to be uploaded. Yes, you will have historical backups showing the file at the old location.
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Excellent - thank you