Changed volume size during backup

Hello, everyone! Test-driving Duplicati here. Quick question, I thought 50MB for the volume size was too small (I’m backing up to an external drive so there’s no such thing as network instability, etc.) and changed the volume size to 200MB. Problem is, only new files are being created with the correct volume size, and there are still old 50MB volume files scattered about.

How does Duplicati deal with this? Do I just leave it be and does it clean it up soon? Would I be looking at corrupt data if I try and restore off of this mix of files? Should I delete all backups and start backing up again? It’s taking four days to back up 800GB worth of data so I really don’t want to try it again… Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hello @ideaman924 and welcome to the forum!

Remote Volume Size advises “Unlike the chunk size described above, it can be beneficial to both increase or decrease the volume size to fit your connection characteristics. Also, the volume size can be changed after a backup has been created.” and this recent comment agrees. I can’t say that I’ve personally done this though.

Thank you! I guess I’ll take my chances since I have another backup somewhere else.

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I can confirm that Duplicati doesn’t mind the different volume sizes for backup or restore.

It you have retention policy on the volumes will naturally be converted into new volumes by the cleanup process.

Cleanup converts volumes with too much “wasted space”, e.g. after some files shift out of the backup due to retention a larger and larger part of the volume will no longer be relevant to the backup.

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