Changed dbpath not reflected in Commandline?

I shifted from a user to service based install and found that in the Commandline GUI under Advanced Options the dbpath was still pointing to the old location.

Should anything code wise be done about that or should users simply update it to point to the correct location (or does it matter at all)?

If we do something about that, maybe there should be a “migrate” or “move” tool. I think it would be strange to update these paths automatically. It does not really matter where the db’s are stored, but I can imagine it would be a surprise if the original user is removed and the files are gone.

Since you mention “Commandline GUI under Advanced Options”, I should mention that the value in “Advanced Options” is ignored:

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Yeah, I’ve been kind of noticing / assuming that many of the “Advanced Options” in the Commandline GUI are ignored. I assume SOME of them are used depending on what command is being executed otherwise why have them there in the first place. (I could including for reference purposes but then I’d assume they’d either be plain text, non-editable fields, or otherwise identified as “for reference”).