Change Prefix permanently on Duplicati Windows installation


I have made a portable application out of Duplicati windows install and would like to change prefix for backup files (duplicati by default) permanently to e.g (myname) in my portable application so the user would not require setting up the option in Settings / Default Options anymore and that would also be independent of local AppData.

Can someone help, i have been trying to find but no luck!

How’d you do that, out of curiosity? If you are forcing the usage of certain parameters (eg, --portable-mode) maybe you can just force the usage of an additional parameter (--prefix).

Hi @drwtsn32,

I am not forcing --portable-mode. In windows, Duplicati stores Default Options settings in %APPDATA% but when my custom Duplicati Installation is shared with someone it wont retain the settings and will be reverted to defaults. I want the prefix to stay permanently the name i set i.e change in its source. But i’m not been able to find where it is located exactly.

Is there an option or a file where i can put the Default / Advance Option in text and that it wont affect the portability?

I guess I’m unclear on how you “made a portable application out of Duplicati.” How is your installation “custom” exactly?

Maybe this?

For CLI, you can probably use parameters-file. For GUI, there is no text file (global or not) that I know of.

You might be able to make use of run-script-before to set up options, but how do all users get to that?

Branding and OEM customization might also be of interest, and it gets into updating for custom builds.

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To make Duplicati independent of Local AppData or System App Data set DUPLICATI_HOME environment variable as either User or Computer specific depending on your needs