Change data file(.sqlite)path

Duplicati is Installed on Ubuntu server.
/usr/lib/duplicati/data path seems to be used during backup.

However, that path(/usr) has a small capacity, so I want to move to /volume1(200TB).
Which procedure should I change to?

Should I do it like this?

  1. Pause a backup that is currently in progress

  2. $mv /data /volume1/
    Can I move all the files? Is there a file I need to leave?

      ubuntu-server:/usr/lib/duplicati/data$ ls
      aaa.sqlite          control_dir_v2           bbb.sqlite  ccc.sqlite
      bbb.sqlite-journal  Duplicati-server.sqlite  ddd.sqlite
  3. Which configuration file will specify the path of the data file?

  4. Do I need to restart the service?
    $sudo systemctl restart duplicati.service

  5. Resume a suspended backup

Please give us your opinions
Thank you.


Stop any running backup, disable the scheduler, stop the service, edit /etc/default/duplicati to add/change the path in your DAEMON_OPTS (–server-datafolder=/your/path), move the files, restart the service, access Duplicati and edit each backup job to change the path of its database, reenable the scheduler.

If you only want to free up some space, it is possible to move the databases for each job in the web UI. These will take up most of the space, since the server is mainly used for configuration. This only requires that no backup is running. It is not possible to pause and resume with a different path. You will need to manually change the path for all new backups created in the future, because the default is the server folder.

User manual - Database management

Move existing database will move the database from the current location to the location specified in the Local database path text field.

It was easy.

select backup item - Advanced : Database - change path - Move existing database