Certificate expiry issues testfiles.duplicati.com


The test servers certificate expired 9 days ago. Can that get fixed, or is it better to move these assests to github that automatically manages the admin for us?

Let me see if @gpatel-fr is up to talk. There seemed to be a preferred plan, but I don’t know what it was. Generally the goal seems to be to reduce dependencies on key people. You might be feeling this as well.

This might also be a good time to chat about your unit test wish, because I’m not in that area at all, I fear. There may have to be some transitions, and if it gets too slow, maybe someone just asks for the new cert.

Thanks for noticing, and maybe we’ll hear more of the story now.


As a side note, this leads into a potential discussion of testing, and how complete it’s worth automating. SQLite claims to have made a phenomenal non-public test suite that allows them to fearlessly do major changes. Duplicati is probably not there yet based on what I hear, and this likely leads to cautious work.

I almost started asking the same question from an SQL perspective, e.g. use of constraints versus code just making assumptions (a road to doom?), but I haven’t yet, and this would be sort of the wrong topic.

There are lots of potential topics, e.g. on the question of concurrency and effect on the transaction plan.

I have tried to move test files to Github here:

and while I was at it, I have done a few changes to try to make Github ‘unittests’ working again and am in the process of doing some testing, launch a test, apply ice to my ankle, when the ice has melted see if the test has failed :slight_smile:

so far it seem to hold better than my foot, so far so good.

Now I’ll have to see if this is the better approach. On one hand, it seems to fix a nasty intermittent issue with Mac tests. If confirmed, it would seem to point to a bug in Mono for Mac with S3. In this case it’s not worth to fix in the general case, it would be complex and Mono is really as dead as a dodo, so it would be just a workaround to make tests work until the switch to Netx.
I feel that’s it’s worth a try to make tests work with current Duplicati if only to ensure that the migration to Netx does not break too much things.
On the other hand, I guess it would be necessary to check with @kenkendk what he thinks about it, notably if it could be against Github TOS to (ab) use releases in this way, or if there could be some other hurdle I don’t see. Technically it works but it’s sometimes not the only consideration.

I have monitors on the hosts to prevent this particular issue, but alas the testfiles host was not on the list of monitored sites :confused:

There was a problem with the re-gen container, but I have updated and this fixed the issue, so tests should work again. I think tests may be a grey-zone, but Github generally does not allow using them as a general blob-host.

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