Cataloging to Database

I’m looking to use Duplicati to backup to various buckets in GCS and S3.
Can Duplicati catalog to a remote Database (Preferably MySQL/MariaDB)?


Welcome to the forums @simplyseth.

Duplicati isn’t meant to backup from a remote source, it’s meant to backup local data to a remote (or local) destination.

That sounds like you want Duplicati to store it’s database data (block hashes, dedup data and such) in a remotely hosted database instead of the local SQLlite database?

Off the top I can’t recall anyone asking for that kind of functionality, if it did it would prolly be quite slow and I’m not too sure what would you gain from doing so. There generally isn’t much value in protecting the local DB given it will be recreated from the backup files if it goes missing.

Let us know what your goal is and we’ll see if we can’t come up with a solution.

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