Captcha? Eye-roll. Also, it don't work

The captcha that presents if one asks to delete the files along with a backup config is:

A) Insulting
B) Broken
C) Both

But you already know the answer is, Both.

It presents six letters, all in upper-case. But only accepts the response in lower-case.

Works fine on Windows in any case (even mixed), and it rejects if I type the letter wrong.
Maybe Linux is different?

Of course Linux is different or I wouldn’t use it :wink:

Our captcha implementation is case-insensitive. On my Linux machine, it works as expected. I can use lower, upper, or mixed case.

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I twice tried to respond in upper-case to an all-upper-case prompt. Twice it failed. Tried one more time, responding all-lower-case and it worked.

  1. Don’t prompt in all upper-case if any case or lower case is expected. By convention, a prompt in all-upper-case means that an upper case response is expected.

  2. Don’t use captcha for this purpose because ewwww. Just an AreYouSure prompt would be fine.


p.s. I am already busting my butt testing performance v. blocksize so I will not be spending any more time testing this.
p.p.s. For a software system as fine as duplicati it was a shock of disappointment to encounter a captcha. Yuck, yuck, yuck.
p.p.p.s I am peacing out of this thread.

FYI, the introduction of the captcha was discussed here:

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A captcha for this safeguard reminds me of those pranksters who put counters for entering phone numbers.

What you want is a yes-no box with No as the default and a stern warning. Two of them in series, if you need to satisfy the nervous.

Captchas are for making sure bots don’t spam your login screens. Oh and they suck at that too but at least using them THERE is using them for the intended purpose.

Please Remove the Captcha Added in #1201 #4625 just got filed, which at least formally tracks the ask.

This one seemingly was trying to hinder bots from reaching around the GUI and deleting backup directly.
Whatever the proposed new plan is (note I don’t do JavaScript) should give equivalent delete protection.

The CAPTCHA was added below, and the main complaint I recall is libs/font pain on some Linux distros.