Can't see backuped folder on the remote wasabi bucket

I’m backupping my server with Duplicati on wasabi, it finish correctly, on wasabi I see the bucket size reporting the correct files size of stored files, but if I navigate the bucket folder I don’t see nothing… how is possible?

the same occour with a backup to my nas over sftp…how is possible!!!

What exactly are you seeing? If Wasabi bucket is showing size and absolutely nothing, ask Wasabi, however if it’s full of files from recent uploads with names beginning with duplicati- that’s the backup.

Overview from the manual gets into this a little. How the backup process works gets rather technical.

It was an error in the destination path, if you set the / in the path, the files are not visibile.

you need to set remote folder without / . Could be better to avoid this kind of mistaken in the destination setup.

Thank you.