Can't run backup after del all files on Backblaze B2?

The database was attempted repaired, but the repair did not complete. This database may be incomplete and the backup process cannot continue. You may delete the local database and attempt to repair it again.

EDIT: Odd, after changing the build to Beta, and waiting a while I guess it’s now backing up again?

Hi @omniiomega !

It sounds like you got it working?

Otherwise, please provide a description of what happened before you got the error message.
If you can describe a set of steps that can be reproduced, that will make it easier to diagnose and fix.

You manually deleted the destination files? Trying for a fresh start for some reason?

Nah, just testing software atm. Seeing what happens if I del all the files in my Backblaze B2 and see if Duplicati can start backing up again after that but seems to be failing?

What are you expecting, if not a fresh start? You deleted destination, so prior history is gone.

For fresh start, also delete the database. There is not currently a button to ask for fresh start.

Duplicati is not a copier program. Deduplication means that only changes are uploaded later.

Implication of that is that blocks of original backup files have to stick around to serve as base.


Incremental backups
Duplicati performs a full backup initially. Afterwards, Duplicati updates the initial backup by adding the changed data only. That means, if only tiny parts of a huge file have changed, only those tiny parts are added to the backup. This saves time and space and the backup size usually grows slowly.

People notice destination files older than their retention policy, and ask if they can delete them.
We explain that it will destroy the backup. Fortunately you’re just testing now, but same story…