Can't repair or recreate database - “SQLite error cannot rollback - no transaction is active”

I recently had a hard drive failure on the system that held my Duplicati database files. Thankfully I still have my the original files to backup and the remote Duplicati files. I loaded my Duplicati configuration but I need to rebuild the Duplicati database. When I choose repair, Duplicati gives me an inconsistency error and tells me to repair the database. When I choose delete database and repair, it runs for several hours but finally errors out with “SQLite error cannot rollback - no transaction is active”.

I found other posts about this error (Unable to recreate database, fails with "SQLite error cannot rollback - no transaction is active" - #8 by drwtsn32) and one suggestion was that the tmpfs fills up. I increased the size of /tmp/ from 1GB to 4GB and tracked its usage while running. it does fill up to 40% of capacity, but still dies. Any other ideas instead of just uploading my entire backup again?

I’d try to delete the database if it exists and then run a repair job in an OS command line window (export the job as command line, change ‘backup’ to ‘repair’, remove the destinations, and add --log-level=profiling if necessary). This is displaying the maximum information in a single view.

Turns out, it was still an issue with temporary space. Even after making tmpfs on /tmp/ larger, it was still unsuccessful. I ended up changing the --tempdir parameter in Duplicati to a directory on the hard drive and this solved the problem. I’m not really sure why since /tmp/ didn’t fill up and even the temp storage on the hard drive didn’t seem to have much in it. in any case, rebuilding the DB and then subsequent backups are now working!

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