Can't purge because D2 wants to remove all fileset

Now I have backup with files which I needed to remove from backup. But there are many filesets which contains only this files. So I see the message about deleting some fileset. After it I purge again and see this message and I saw it many times.
I saw this fileset and there were many files that should’ve left there.

I see the following error. Why? Backup No.11 contains files except what I want to purge.

Listing remote folder …

ErrorID: PurgeWouldRemoveEntireFileset
Refusing to purge 664 files from fileset with ID 11, as that would remove the entire fileset.
To delete a fileset, use the “delete” command.
Return code: 100

this is a limitation of Duplicati that is unlikely to be removed any time soon. To work around it, as suggested in the error message, use the delete command and add the advanced option “version” with a value of 11.

Sorry. I changed the topic because I saw stange D2 behavior. I thought it was things that should be in D2 but now I see that purge can’t work with several paths - only one. If you want to use several paths you should use --include filter.
That’s my solution. So I’ll leave it there - may be it would be useful for somebody in the future.