Can't delete source files ;-(

Hi there. Before so thx for this software and i will donate for this great project… So Thx!

I can’t delete sources files after schedules complite.
I had use and set: use-move-for-put and disable-streaming-transfers parameters, but nothink.
For source folder is all fully rights of NTFS and still not deleted sources files.

My config is attached (882 Bytes)

Please help somebody. So thx all!

p.s. I am use Duplicati - version.

What makes you want the source files to be deleted? Duplicati is a backup tool so will never change or delete the source files. The move for put option is for moving the dblock/dindex file to the backup location.

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Thx. So, you want to tell me Dublicati can’t delete source files?
And if i’ll delete it manually the Dublicati schedule give to me error?

I need delete sources files because sources 270 more GB of data and sources files - is a virtual host
and i can’t use so large virtually files for end backup my machines… It’s just inform.

Please tell me, Dublicati have any way for delete sources or no way?


No way. Duplicati does not modify your source data.

What you can do, is make a backup of the source data, and then delete it yourself.

The next backup will then not include the deleted data. You can restore this until your retention rules (how long the backups should stay around) trigger removal of the backups where the data is present.

But, reading your post… are “source files” the virtual machine disk files? Or have you made a backup to a local disk, and now want to move the backup files (dindex/dblock) files somewhere else?

Or do you mean “remove the source paths, so new backups do not read the virtual machines” ? If so, you can either user filters to exclude them, or simply not include them. If you have made a backup that includes the VM files, and you want that data removed from the backup, you need to use the purge command, which does not yet have a GUI (use the Commandline ... option in the GUI).

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So thx. No, but my VM disk is dynamic and i have some biggwst data source files, who must be a backup, but i has question about normally control to delete old source files, because let’s example:

today i have 200 files about each 100MB, tomorrow i’ll have 250 files…, then 300… and my local hdd’s area is full, why th powerfully system like Dublicati can’t delete my old sources files like 1 week old ago? I am no need all 300 files for 1 year (for example) in source - local hdd (who copies from sql script), but i need some data in destination storage, like another hdd or FTP and i have a SMART plan save this files, like: D7:D1, W1:D1 and the same… it’s good plan and ok, but what about more sources trash files who get my all hdd’s space? :sunglasses:

If i’ll delete source files (used some batch script) after schedule duplicati was done, the next time this schedule work will gived error? Or new files will add to DB Duplicati destinations well done???