Cannot Get Email Alerts to Work

I cannot get email alerts to work, I’m getting a warking from all my backups since adding the following:

–send-mail-subject=“Duplicati %OPERATIONNAME% report for %backup-name%”

Our mailserver is setup to not require authentication from machines on our domain.

I get an alert on the home page for each backup, but nothing in the log. I assume this is because I have not got something right yet :slight_smile:

Any advice welcome.


What does the alert say? Does “nothing in the log” mean nothing wrong, no log, or something else?

If no log, make sure you also try Viewing the Duplicati Server Logs at Home --> About --> Show log

The SEND-MAIL command is one way to test that by itself, without worrying about what backup did.

What OS is this, and is it GUI, CLI, script, or something else? You give syntax that looks sort of CLI.

Thank you for comming back. I have fixed the problem by putting " round the subject line. I’m now getting email and no warnings :slight_smile:

I’m kind of confused. Original already had the double quotes:

Regardless I’m glad it helped. If this gets in a Windows batch file, any % has to be %%.