Cannot found the destination path. The folder \\xxxxxx\xxxxxx does not exist

Duplicati is running on a Windows 10 machine. Another Windows 10 machine is the destination in the same network.

After a Windows update (i think) the destination path is suddenly no longer found.

I can browse the path in windows file explorer without any issues.

I upgraded from the latest beta to It did not help.

I copied the path from windows explorer into the settings, but it is just not working. “Test Connection” gives the same error.

Do you know what version of Windows 10 you upgraded from and to? There was a thread a while back about people upgrading to Windows 10 2004 and it breaking backups that use a UNC destination. The workaround was to switch your authentication (on the destination config page) from “username” to “remotecomputername\username”.

Here’s the thread if you’re interested: