Canary on MAC - reverts back to beta after reboot

Hi Guys,

thx for this great piece of SW.
Short question:
I am running it on a MAC, and due to some previous issues went on to Canary. Works well…
… well, until reboot. It seems then to revert back to the beta version, throwing the error that the database requires version 12. Download Canary, everything is fine - until the next reboot.

Any hints?
Currently running Canary - happily working through a couple of GB.

Best Timmo

I don’t have a Mac, but there was recently a mention in a topic of build issue of unsigned builds, which was going to be looked at. I’m not sure if has the issue, but I suppose you could test 107.

Beta should want version 10. went to 11. There’s no 12 that I could see here.

Do you recall how you did that? Download from releases and manual install should overwrite Beta version.

Downgrading / reverting to a lower version talks about where updates are stored if autoupdater does them.
You can look in the upgrades folder to see if it has upgrades from the web UI autoupdater. If it’s there, then the question would be why it wasn’t picked up. The main Duplicati install should find and run latest update.

Hi there,
thanks for the hints. First some corrections - was not on my computer when writing the first mail.

  • Database version error: “The database has version 11 but the largest supported version is 10. This is likely…”
  • I am on the update Channel Canary
  • The downgrade happened after reboot, back to version
  • Update is offered to
  • I then download directly from “About screen” where the update has been offered
  • I activate the version; it looses connection to the server (i.e. it seems not to find the engine in the background), it offers to reconnect, but to no avail.
  • I then reboot
  • System is on new version
  • System performs backups

System Info

  • MAC Catalina, 10.15.6
  • In Library - Application support - Duplicati - updates there are folders for version and
  • File Current shows

I will observe; backup is currently on, will check again if reverts back.
Best timmo

You might want to at least look at About --> System info for the following:

ServerVersionName – should be
Files for the update might be under /Library/Application Support/Duplicati/updates
You can also see if there’s a there, however possibly that’s your base version install.
Updates are integrity-checked before being used. If update folder changed, update is ignored.

Hi there,

ServerVersion is
in the update Folder there is no

Lets see.

That means that would probably show as BaseVersionName in About --> System info

that is correct - BaseVersionName -…
well, I did a reboot before, so also server version is now back to

Best timmo

??? What you said before was

Do you mean server version is now back to, or did it revert? If a second reboot lost it somehow, then see if the folder is still there, and inspect it for changes, ideally comparing it to a folder that started at reboot. You can either copy the folder that started, or download a .zip file from the release page.

sorry, busy again…
After the second reboot, it was on the old version again. I will do the entire cycle and report so that we have the same base.
Starting point:

  • System is on
  • Did upgrade to via link in “about”
  • Activated
  • lost connection
  • Updates contains folders for and *.108; "current file says *.108
  • Reboot
  • System is on; base version (!!)
  • Backup runs successfully
  • Updates contains folders for and *.108; "current file says *.108
  • reboot
  • System is on, base as well
  • Updates contains folders for and *.108; "current file says *.108 (!!)
    Folders are there and seem full, I did not do a compare yet.

would a clean install force the base version to *.108?

No surprise there. Autoupdater doesn’t change base.

Yes. That should be an effective workaround until the next Canary comes (and maybe goes).
Database versions are infrequent, so a newer Canary disappearing might not be easily seen.

This one should not have happened unless something damaged the folder to make it ignored.

I fixed the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling latest Beta, so both base and actual version are now on the latest.
However, this reversion might be something to keep an eye on - I will certainly do.
Thanks for your help
Best timmo

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