Can I use Duplicati with AWS server.?

I have an ecommerce store hosted on AWS server from quite a time and it is running in it’s full swing. Now, I have been reached out by some other hosting service provider with so many incentives and I am seriously looking to their offer. So, will I be able to use Duplicati storage for the backup of my data from AWS cloud Server. I have the managed version of AWS provided by Cloudways.

Hello @MariaWilliams and welcome to the forum!

Duplicati supports many storage providers for its backup destinations (including S3 which is one part of AWS), but source data must be local files or files that work as if they’re local files (for example, network shares). Duplicati is not a storage provider, but is backup software that uses the storage of your choice.

How to Download a Full Backup of Your Application might allow you to download what you need to local storage, then back that up using Duplicati. I don’t know exactly what the Cloudways backup looks like, or whether it’s possible to restore it to anything other than Cloudways, i.e. to take a backup to do migration.

There is nothing preventing you from running duplicati as a headless/web based linux service on AWS.

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If you install Duplicati remotely, be careful about security. For example don’t put its UI right on the Internet, but take advantage of better hardened facilities such as SSH (which can also do port forwarding if it helps). You’ll also need to do more planning for the backup in terms of files to save, and maybe how to backup a database.

I’m unclear whether the question is a migration one, or plans for a future AWS without the Cloudways backup. and similar searches can find Cloudways-specific help.

@MariaWilliams, based on this:

I assume that IT technical expertise is not one of your strengths. If this is really the case, I strongly recommend hiring someone to help you with the back-up and migration.
While it may not be “rocket science”, not understanding some aspects of what you are doing with back-up and migration is practically guaranteed to cause a lot of pain (a.k.a. down time, lost revenue, customers, files, reputation, etc.)!