Can I use an Amazon Japan Drive Account?

Hi there,

Was just trying to use duplicati with an amazon drive account in Japan ( (Amazon Japan still supports unlimited accounts) but can’t figure out how to get an AuthID.

Anyone got any ideas on how I can do this?


I think I’ve found my own answer to this question:

"Non-Supported Countries

The Amazon Drive API does not support account creation and revocation using Login with Amazon in China and Japan marketplaces. If your app is available in these countries you will need to hide Amazon Drive functionality in your app for people in these countries or postpone your integration until we fully support these marketplaces."


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It should work, though I haven’t tried it yet with Duplicati…

I primarily use Duplicati with Amazon Drive UK account though, but I also have Amazon Cloud drive Japan and it works with other backup products (Cloudberry and Arq) so I would expect it to work with this… If I have time I will try test it…

I just did a test with Amazon Japan drive and it worked OK…
Nothing special need be done. Enter username and PW, then it generates a key and storage added. Not sure if the fact that I am located IN Japan has any difference! Shouldn’t.

Funny, I could never get Amazon to give me the AuthID for the Japan one. How did you do it? (I am in Japan, by the way.) In the end, got it working with (which is cheaper). Only problem now is the glacial speed, so still interested in testing Japan.

How I did it? Just the same as adding others. So I don’t know why it is not working for you. I set it up for several small companies (who are on a small budget!) in Japan to use this and no issues connecting. Maybe in Duplicati you can turn up log level to see what might be going on. Maybe try install Duplicati on another PC as a test.

Speed, being more local is certainly better. S3 and Backblaze B2 is faster but this is good enough. (The fastest by far and one of cheapest is Wasabi (amazing since data center in the US) but that not supported by Duplicati yet, but a good one for them to add support… ***hint, hint if you read this developers!***)

AFAIK, Wasabi works fine, and they are on the list of known providers in the latest canary build.