Can I tinker with the source files?

While the backup is being performed I can edit the files that are inside the source folder? Or are you likely to corrupt the files?

Hi @Gabriel_Pereira, welcome to the forum!

The effects of changing source files while a backup is running varies depending on backup settings (such as using snapshots) and the OS in use.

In most cases default settings would at worst cause an in-use file to not be backed up during the job run. As long as it’s not an always-in-use file it should be caught in a later run.

The only potential corruption scenario (assuming you mean corrupting the source file) I can think it of us if you try to edit a file while it’s being restored - and even then it’s unlikely to happen.
Plus Duplicati can check the restored file and alert you if what was restored doesn’t match what was in the back.

I thank you for the excellent tool that you create, soon I will make a donation for her! Why are things here granted, will be of great use, I have a matter of handling an email report, can I say here or open another topic?

I’m happy to hear you are liking what you see!

It would probably be better if you start a new topic if you are going to ask about something different than editing source files, thanks! :slight_smile: