Can i save new files into the source-path while the backup is running?


i have a backup running to Tardigrade Storage from my Macbook late 2008 model with Ubuntu 20.04 installed, which is backing up very slow.
With 20kb/s with bluetooth-connection to my phone-hotspot.
With 500kb/s with a usb-connection to my phone-hotspot.
Speedtest for my phone gives me 30mb download and 20mb upload capacity.
Settings are as Tardigrade suggests in their ‘Getting Started Guide’ (Backup With Duplicati - Tardigrade).

And now i have 3GB of photos new on phone.
-> I wonder if i can save that photos onto the macbook into the folder that is part of the backuppath in Duplicati without making trouble for future restoration.
What do you think? :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum @SatNam

You can add files to the backup area whenever you like, but there is a chance that you’ll get there too late, meaning it will be picked up in the next backup. Or you might do the copy at the exact time the file is read, which might cause a conflict, but I think that’s more a problem on Windows, so might not be any concern.

I’m not sure what this means. If Mac gets a backup, it should be able to restore to Mac. Getting it off of the phone for backup, and back onto the phone (if that’s the restore you want) is not a Duplicati procedure…

I can’t comment on Tardigrade. That’s too new, and I would probably have to see if the developer can help.

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thank you for answering ts678.

beeing read by Duplicati? And copying the Data that Duplicati is reading, yes?

that is basically what i was aiming at with “trouble for restoration” (<- recovery. sorry for the word-mix-up. “trouble for data-recovery” from cloud to laptop).
So, copying new data from a source which is external from the backup-area into the backup-area, while the backup-area is beeing scanned for changes by Duplicati causes no problems in the “list” item that Duplicati creates. Ok.
That means then that i really can let the bacup be in the background while i work with the data (with exception on Windows). Thats awsome.

And for the speed-part of this topic, i better create a new topic, because the headline points just to the copying/saving-while-backing-up part.

I think it’s generally safe. You might have warnings, e.g. if a file is seen and then immediately vanishes before backup can be done. Aside from that, any accidental collisions will often get a good backup next time around. Windows exception would be if you have a program keeping exclusive access. MS Office
programs often do. snapshot-policy can solve most of that, but it needs Administrator permission used.

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