Can I restore a backup to a different user?

I have taken a backup of my home directory on one machine and want to restore it to another machine. However, my username on each machine is different.

Would I still be able to restore the backup?


yes, on the restore option pick an alternate path.

You’re not saying what the OS is on the old and new machines. Data should be possible regardless.

If you check “Restore read/write permissions” box, chance of confusion may increase. Windows files typically just inherit permissions from their parent folders going on up. Linux does things differently…

and on Linux there’s also a question of whether your UID number is the same, e.g. per id command.
Duplicati backup records both the name and the number, but trying to use them in restore is optional.

Thanks. I managed to do it using this method.

@ts678 I am on macOS on both machines. I didn’t restore the permissions, just went with the defaults.

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