Can I force a full backup?

While I like the “incremental backup” concept, there will be times when I want to have a full backup. Is there a way to force a full backup without having to create a new backup job? Thanks…RDK


Short answer: no.
Slightly longer: Duplicati developers have done a deduplicating backup software. If you want to NOT deduplicate, you have better to search for another software, or use workarounds like create a new backup job as you say - although creating it on a different backend is a much better idea to go toward the famous 3-2-1 strategy.

Block-based storage engine explains how this might not be the incremental backup you’re thinking of.

Feel free to say why. In a sense, every backup is a full backup with unchanged data fully deduplicated.

How the backup process works

@gpatel-fr…Lighten up, I like the program but I was just curious if there was an option that I missed in the documentation.

@ts678…I periodically take system snap-shots for archival purposes. Also, when I travel, I like to have backups of important files/folders…RDK

Of course you can, by creating a new backup job using the exact same data set.

Yes but also in this case files are bricked in many little pieces of data, it’s impossible recovery some files without the “backup engine”. There are only disadvantage (ETA, space on disk…) to perform a full backup.

Discussion (thanks all!) has commented on other things, but what’s this one?
You want to carry a full backup with you, access remotely, or something else?