Can I donate for a feature getting to production status?

I’d like to support the maintenance/development of Duplicati. I would like to pay a bonus for Duplicati getting into production status (current canary with the smart retention). The bonus of $50 has been paid out for developing the code, but I’d like to pay a bonus when the code is in production.

I don’t know how much sense such a feature would make right now as Duplicati is not close to any production release.

After the first production release I can see the point that paying for a feature that may not be available to you for half a year isn’t attractive to paying supporters

To me, production status is not a label, nor a single fix. It is a general understanding that the program works reasonably well in most use cases (we can never get 100% success).

If we figure out _which_issues are required to make a reasonably stable version, I guess you can donate a fraction of your budget towards each of the issues?

This is a difficult one. I’d like to support and if you do support per feature, then the feature must be complete before the money is paid out. But what is ‘complete’? That does mean that you need e definition of done for a feature. Now, what is done. If ‘done’ is part of a canary release and it cannot be used, (at least not when using it for other people’s data who rely on it) I feel it is not done. The current beta, however, is stable enough for me to say it is done.

So, somehow, Duplicati will have a ‘current stable’ version, ‘the most recent trustworthy’ version. The one people get to download when they start using it. If the feature is in there, I would consider it ‘done’. That doesn’t mean I want that system to be perfect, error free, etc. Nothing ever is.