Can Duplicati Usage stats be public?


Can anonymous Usage statistics collected from usage reports be kept open under (or similar)


Do you mean beyond this?

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Yes I did not know about this url

A suggestion
Specify if it’s hour mins / mb gb tb.

I noticed that the curve is going down for the month of September. I suppose this is because it’s taking the absolute figures for the current month (which has just started).

Wouldn’t it make sense to extrapolate the figures for the current month so far to the entire month? Or, perhaps more correctly just not display the current month? Or perhaps none of this really matters at all.

I would say that I have used the absolute minimum of time on that page :wink:
If someone wants to improve it, feel free :slight_smile:

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Where would one find the code / data source related to that page? Not that I’m promising anything… :wink:

The source code is here:

I am not running the usage reporter on GAE anymore (too expensive) but the html is the same.