Can Duplicati backup everyday but different time?

I know Duplicati backup everyday at the same time.

But I want schedule is weekdays and weekends having different.

For example: I want to backup at 02:00 AM in Monday to Friday.
And backup at 03:00 PM in Saturday and Sunday.

How to do that?

Well, create 2 jobs with different schedules.

Can 2 jobs have the same destination?
Won’t this cause error?

if the 2 jobs don’t run at the same time I don’t see why this could be a problem. OTOH if you are backing up huge data and a single backup could take days, it could be awkward.

You may want to take a look at the PowerShell Script to run Duplicati GUI jobs that I wrote. The scheduling is done outside of Duplicati and only one job will run at a time (additional sent jobs will sit in the job queue).


It will cause errors as described in Creating a new backup job

and a similar option is to have one CLI job (if you do CLI) and run it with Windows Task Scheduler.

Another option if you do scripting is to schedule the job in Duplicati with a run-script-before to use

to see whether current time falls into your desired time window. If it doesn’t, don’t run the backup.

bummer, thanks for correcting me. I must have been half asleep when posting this.