Bulk restore at specific time

I cant seem to find this info anyways it seems, but is it possible to get all files restored as they were at a specific point in time.

I am mainly thinking about a ransomware scenario. Lets say I have file A, B, C, A was uploaded once 30 days ago and not modified since, B was uploaded 30 days ago and modified daily, C was uploaded 3 days ago.

I now notice that 7 days ago I was infected with a ransomware and after cleaning I would like to restore as much as possible.

Is it possible to “get all files as they were 7 days ago” ? I would expect File A to be the version of 30 days ago (only one version) and file B as it was 7 days ago (ignoring any changes made by the ransomware), file C would be missing as it did not exist 7 days ago.

I know this is probably possible on a per file basis, but with 90k files going over them and manually selecting a specific version is not doable, so my question is, is it possible to do this in bulk?

There isn’t currently a flag to delete files that “were not part of the backup”. The closest you’d get is to restore it to an empty folder, or to remove the destination files before restoring.

Additionally, since backups are in snapshots rather than real-time backup any restore would put the files back to the time of the snapshot, rather than a specific time you selected. But for the purposes of ransomware recovery this is probably not a big difference as long as your backup runs frequently.

If you had a snapshot 7 days ago and restore all files they would be “as they were 7 days ago” with exception of new files.

I realize that in a ransomware scenario, where your entire system is affected, deleting all files isn’t very feasible, so I definitely think a “delete newer files” flag would make a lot of sense. I believe I’ve seen the suggestion somewhere else on the forum, but perhaps it should be posted as a feature suggestion on Github.

Most likely you saw this topic:

@boran_blok, as far as I know there is NOT yet any posting like this at Issues · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub so feel free to put one there if you’d like to do so. :slight_smile:

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