Build issue with Duplicati 1.3.4

Error message shows that missing paraffin.exe (v3.13). I’m unable to find any download link of paraffin.exe (v3.13) from or anywhere else. It seems no longer available, except the newest version (v3.71). But the new version is incorrect and won’t work. Could anyone help me to find paraffin.exe (v3.13) or earlier version? Or any other soultion to fix this issue?

Thank you

Duplicati 1 is no longer supported, though there are a few forum members who have used it in the past - hopefully one of them will be able to give you hand.

Is there a particular reason you’re not using Duplicati 2?

There are 2 reasons that I perfer to use version 1 instead of version 2.

  1. So far, can’t find an offical releae of the stable version 2.
  2. The UI of Dulplicat 1 is much simplier and easier .Although it dones not have many fetaures liked Duplicati 2.

Any one can help, please?

Unfortunately, paraffin is not open source, which is why it is no longer used in Duplicati.

Your best bet is to fix the build script to use the latest version, as it would technically be a copyright violation if anyone (other than the Paraffin author) publicly offers a downloadable copy.

Okay, noted. Thank you.