BUG: Number of files to go and speed is not visable if backup name is long

Desktop PC:

As per this thread title, the text like: “70601 files (206.91 GB) to go at 727.85 KB/s” Cannot be seen as it is rendering under the title.

Suggest making the text smaller so 2 lines will fit in the progress bar, and top aligning the backup title, and bottom aligning the XXX files and speed line, e.g.:

My Backup Title
70601 files (206.91 GB) to go at 727.85 KB/s

There have been some recent updates to the status bar that should have helped with this issue - can you confirm what version of Duplicati you are running?

I’ve just opened the GUI for the first time in a long time as I’ve not needed to use it.

Now i can only see the backup job name in the progress bar. The rest is hidden on a 2nd line. I can select it, copy it, then read it, but can’t see it all at the same time.

Here’s the text:

UnRAID to ReadyNAS
161 files (39.94 GB) to go at 782.94 KB/s

It would be better if the progress text “161 files (39.94 GB) to go at 782.94 KB/s” was always displayed below the progress bar. then length of text will no longer be an issue.

Google Chrome Version 70.0.3538.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Win 7

This issue might be related:

( Version - missed from original post.)

I’ve just opened the web UI in internet explorer 11, and the UI is different.

The top progress bar shows the job name, and the progress on one line:

**UnRAID to ReadyNAS 4343 files (130.09 GB) to go

It also shows “Current action”, “Progress” and “Current file” under the job info.
These 3 extra items are not shown (for me) in google chrome.

EDIT: Clearing the cache did the trick, it’s now showing ok, although if the job name is very long, the issue will probably come back.