BT Cloud Storage as a Destination

Has anyone got any guidance on how to use BTCloud Storage with Duplicati? I get a terabyte free with my BT Account…

I haven’t run into BT Cloud before.

I doubt BT Group (formerly British Telecom) are running their own cloud which means Duplicati MAY already support it with one of the existing destinations.

But without some more detail from them I doubt we’ll easily able to figure out which one and how to configure it.

Of course hopefully I’m wrong and somebody else who is already using it will jump in and correct me…

I found this article - looks like the provider is Synchronoss Technologies, Inc .

I also am interested to see if BT Cloud can be a destination.


I found this page that only describes how to use their app:

It does not mention any protocol, so chances are that you can only use their app.
If you have access to the product, you can try writing their support and see if they support any standard protocol.

BT Cloud API (including a seeming comment from OP here) shows people want it, but it’s not possible.

BT Cloud - can we direct access this area (eg: like AWS) also isn’t looking good for standard protocols.

Asking support directly wouldn’t hurt. What might hurt is if the service is unreliable (look at their forum).