Browsing backed up files on B2 web page?

Is there a way to set up Duplicati + B2 so that the files are browsable inside the B2 web page?
I’ve previously used B2 with a Synology NAS, and being able to restore the files directly from the B2 web page is extremely comforting.
Thank you!

Edit: If it matters, I’m using it in Ubuntu Linux

Duplicati does not back up files in native format - it reads file data and breaks it into chunks (default 100KB) so that the data can be efficiently deduplicated. It then encrypts and compresses chunks into volumes (default 50MB).

Because of this you cannot restore individual files directly from the B2 interface - you need to use Duplicati or a compatible tool to restore the data. That could be viewed as a negative depending on your needs, but what you gain from this is highly efficient storage of multiple backup versions.

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