Browser GUI password needed


I have reinstalled duplicati on a Win10 macchine. I had deinstalled it some onth ago and now want to give it another try.

Unfortunately the Browser GUI always asks for a password which I have no set in this reinstallation process.

How to proceed?



Welcome to the forum @yeah_yeah

Do you recall what version it was? This would be based on the original install plus autoupdates done.

You can possibly find some of your old autoupdates (if you did any) in

C:\Users\<Duplicati user account>\AppData\Local\Duplicati\updates\

You won’t be able to see what you had in C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2 because new install replaced it.

While looking in the AppData folder (which is hidden from Windows Explorer by default), look at config folder for Duplicati to see what .sqlite files were left from last time. I’d expect Duplicati-server.sqlite, possibly a backed up version of it, and a randomly-named .sqlite file for any backup from the past trial.

The last few Beta releases are these, so guessing might also be possible if you recall the rough dates.

What should normally happen on an uninstall is that config files are kept, however if they’re old enough, newer Duplicati (e.g. 2.0.6.x versus 2.0.5.x) needs to upgrade DB’s version after saving older DB copy.

Do you have any old backup configurations that you care about? One option is to delete config files and start fresh. What should happen then is you should get a First run setup dialog where you can set a password, however none should be forced. Duplicati asks for password in some system has notes on troubleshooting a problem that one person saw. If you’re technical, it’d be nice to take a look at your DB, however you would need to use –unencrypted-database before database browsing. See above link for directions on how to start Duplicati with special options. One can also clear an existing password there, however it sounds like you should not have an existing password. That’s why seeing what’s there helps.

Solved it be deleting the database in AppData\Local\Duplicati