Broken database not repairable

I found the information about Dupicati in a computer magazin and found it useful. But now I’m not sure, if it*s the right tool :for me:

Doing a regular backup there was a error regarding not found some files with the hint to repair database. So I did it with no success and the hint to delete and repair.

After doing this I got the error: “Recreated database has missing blocks and 19 broken filelists. Consider using “list-broken-files” and “purge-broken-files” to purge broken data from the remote store and the database.”

Using the commandtool and trying list-brokenfiles I got the error: “DatabaseDoesNotExist” which is true.

I tried to restore this database with Duplicati itself. Than I got the error: “No filesets found on remote target” which is not true. There are a lot of files!

So first I dind’t understand, why I - as a user - has to do all these things sequentially to repair the database. Why can’t do this a repair alorithm?? A broken database should not exist, but when, than the software should repair it by itself.And if there is a problem you can’t do it with the current working set, than I expect a warning and you have to use the last working dataset.

As it seem. all backup is gone for a novice. So what to to if this is an emergency!? I have no backup! And I do the backup not for fun :-(. And I have seen, that others have had also this problem in the past. Thats what I also tried with no success.

Sorry, for this hard facts in my post. But isn’t it possible to implement a selfrepairing algorithm?? Bevor I used another tool not having any problems. But your progam is excellent to backup in a cloud and has good ideas - if it would work!

Perhaps you have some easy/detailed hints for me to restore my consistency and work on this general problem.
Many thanks so far for the program in general and for any help also

I use: Duplicati - on Windows 10 64bit with FF