Brilliant - solved my Crashplan Family closure problem!

I’m one of the many Crashplan Family users that has been looking for a new backup solution. I just wanted to say how impressed I am with Duplicati 2. I was a bit worried about the Beta status, but its been rock solid during all my testing.

I had 6 machines on my old Crashplan Family plan (a mix of Windows and Linux) and the cost implications of moving them all to individual accounts were not pleasant. I’ve now got my main home server providing a TLS-encrypted S3 storage pool as a service over the internet (Minio) and all my families laptops now backup to that using Duplicati 2. The conversion was really simple, and everything seems to work well.

I’ll take Crashplans offer to convert my Family plan to a Small Business plan for my home server (with a 75% discount on their normal Small Business rate for the next year!) as that gives me my 3 2 1 solution. This time next year I’ll re-evaluate whether Crashplan or something like B2 storage is my better option.