Box preparing to deprecate WebDAV in January 2019

Hello Devs,

I’ve been using WebDAV with Box virtually flawlessly since early this year. I’m concerned about this announcement ( Back in February I had problems with Duplicati and the native Box storage provider (see The requested folder does not exist with I have not yet tried any simple backups again with the native provider to see if it now works better (I will soon). I know this is hypothetical but in the case that it does not work, I hope the Duplicati devs will work with me from now until Box WebDAV support goes kaput to get my backups going again. I really like Duplicati and it would be a shame for me not to be able to continue using it with my TBs of data that are backed up.


Thanks for the heads up on that!

I’ve been doing a tiny (3.5G) backup to (not via webdav) with standard settings for 3 months without issue.

There have been a few updates (now using since I started. What version are you using?

Thanks JonMikeIV,

I just did a 1G backup and restore and it seems to work fine. I’ll keep an eye on it.