Blank Web page content

After installing when I open the the default url is http://localhost:8200, only header and foolter is appearing in page. The middle content (side Menu, option to create backup etc ) is blank.
If I see browser console no error is shown, also no wndows event also shown for any port/blocking or errror message.

This sitution is same across some systems . it works in most of system, What may be reason the middle content is empty in some system? Any chance of blocking some internal calls/messages?

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I wonder if you are using an extension in your web browser that is inadvertantly blocking content. Can you try an alternate browser that has no extensions installed?

Thank you for reply.
All browsers same result. If contnet is blocked by any extenstion it should be shonw in Browser console (in Inspect window) correct? No such log is shown. Windows event viewer also no logs.
I am suspecting any internal server calls are blocked by installed programs. But the installed PCMatic program, i tried with disabling, no results. Any information on what are ports to be open for Duplicati to work?

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I don’t know if blocked activity would be shown to you in that way. I would still test in a browser that has no extensions installed, just to be sure.

It just talks to the web engine over port 8200, bound to localhost.

In addition to trying a browser with no extensions, you might try opening the browser developer tab and checking for errors there.