Beta Update never gets to activate on Linux

I’m on Ubuntu 20.04, trying to update from the old beta to the just released one.

I get the " New update found:"

Install goes through the “downloading” without error message, but then goes back to the show/install/dismiss. This will keep repeating.

I suspect I got into this from a failed attempt, I had gotten as far as activate, but I had forgotten to turn off auto backup and there was a backup starting. I’ve never been able to kill these things from the gui, so I turned off auto backup, killed the server from Linux, and restarted it.

That got me into the current loop.

Could be related to this:

Is the Duplicati started from systemd at boot? (systemctl status duplicati can help provide info).
In my testing, systemd was quite good about getting Duplicati back up even if I killed off its processes.
Alternatively, perhaps you start Duplicati at login or manually? Basically, please clarify your installation.

Restart Service using Web UI details how activate “should” work, FYI @warwickmm for linked issue.

which is stuck earlier (so it sounds). When you look at About screen, is it still on the old one (
Then at least it’s entitled to know it has an update, but I don’t know why install doesn’t get activate offer.

Someone would probably have to reproduce the problem and/or dig into the code. Do you use strace?
That’s very technical, but could lead to an idea of what’s going on. See the issue I cited for an example.

Beta Update never gets to activate on Linux #4515 is probably the GitHub version of this.