Beta backup broken in a week. Next one more robust/reliable?

I’ve been trying out Duplicati on Windows 10, and I think it’s brilliant…when it works.

I set up a backup of about 400MB of critical data to G Drive as a test.
After a week, I noticed the reported source/backup sizes on the home page were in the KB range.

I tried a test restore. The folder structure showed correctly, but no files were listed in the folders. I ran a backup - it completed in seconds with no change to the backup.

Clicking through the config wizard, I noticed the folder icons in the source selection box mostly had exclamation marks on them, but I don’t know what this means.

I tried a ‘verify’ which reported no problems. Surely ‘verify’ should have looked for files inside source folders and then checked whether they were available to restore?

I deleted/rebuilt the database and that didn’t seem to change anything.

I did tidy up some files/subfolders in my source folder a couple of days ago, and maybe that confused Duplicati, but I didn’t think I’d changed the subfolders used in my test.

I’ve deleted the offending backup now and recreated it using the experimental build.

Is this likely to be more robust than the older beta? I’m wondering if I need to abandon Duplicati until the niggles are removed.

I’m not complaining. I understand that it’s only beta software, and free as well!

Welcome to the forum @marc1

Do you know if it was ever large? Depending on retention settings, you can look at old backup logs.

Key numbers are SizeOfExaminedFiles (was it about 400MB?) from source and BackendStatistics KnownFileSize.which is the oddly low size on the home screen. It’s typically closer to source size…

Incomplete source folder tree #3063 was the only report I could readily find, and the guess was some access problem. I can get a similar icon image if my user doesn’t have access to the folder. Duplicati defaults on Windows to running as you not SYSTEM. Can you get into those folders in File Explorer?

Verifying backend files says what Verify does. It verifies sample remote files match database records, which does mean they’re available to restore, but more importantly that the contents are as expected. Simple sanity-check of existence (and maybe size) of expected backup files is done on every backup.

I think this is the problem. The exclamation marks indicates that Duplicati does not have access to the folders. Since it cannot read them, it cannot make a backup either.

We have released a new beta right now. There are more than a years worth of fixes, so it is likely that it fixes the problems you experience.

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