Best Way to revert on Canary release tree?

I’m hitting issues with the latest 4/23 version, and would like to revert back until it’s more stable. Following some appends I’ve seen here, I’ve tried to

  1. change the “current” file to point to the previous version
  2. uninstall/reinstall back to the beta release tree

I’m running on Ubuntu (Mint 18 to be specific)

The first method seemed to have no effect, I was still on the latest Canary. For the second, after an uninstall/reinstall and copying back all the sqlite files from the ~/.config/Duplicati path, I would get errors about database formats (v4 vs v5) incompatible?

Update: I figured it out. All you need to do is delete the directory in the ~/.config/Duplicati/updates path.

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Could you explain what issues you were having? The next canary is also going to be based on that, but I would like to fix know issues before I put a new version out.

Hi Ken… The two main issues I’m seeing are 1) issues with the status bar being blank or otherwise out of sync, and 2) the issue with Verifying Backend Data hanging or taking a long time. From what I understand, the first is a known issue that should get pushed out ASAP. For the 2nd, I can spin up a new VM to test the 4/23 version in isolation… are there any particular log levels or traces that you’d like me to enable?

By the way, it’s unfortunate that the only time you and the other devs hear from us is when something is broken. 99.99% of the time, Duplicati works great, and I can’t thank you and the others enough for the great work!

That’s great to hear, thanks for sharing - and thank you for using Duplicati and helping us address that last .01%. :smile:

Same error for me (1 and 2)

Does this help?