Best way to back up 2.5TB graphics file

Long time using Duplicati on family/friends computers and even use it at work for a couple of servers. I have a friend who is a digital artist in the advertising world who wants to back up all 2.5TB of her digital files after her external drive drive died. I have a 10TB NAS she can back up to and am going to do it over SSH but not sure how to best proceed? Just add a few files at a time until it is all backed up or add them all at one time and let them all back up or…?

Please advise the best way to proceed?

Maybe a candidate for a backblaze account which can backup 1 computer with unlimited files for $50/ year and also gives access to b2 buckets?

The b2 buckets are relatively cheap, but if the files are on a drive attached to the computer with the backblaze account, you may get to load them without any additional charges.

I load the archives to b2 using duplicati to get for compressed encryptic archives. The cost for a 2.5 TB bucket would be $12.50/ month @ $5 / TB / mo.

Hi Richard!
Had a similar task to do. I tried several ways and ended up by simply selecting all files for the backup and whenever there was same “free” time (computer not in use) the backup job was active.

To do it not in one shot and block everything for weeks due to limited bandwith I used the interrupt button in the progress bar top right, saying something like: interrupt backup after transfer is finished.
After transfer was finished the backup was succesfully interrupted and I was able to start again next time where I left off. It took some time, but worked perfectly fine for me.

I also tried to backup localy, transfer all files to the destination via external drive and than change the backup job to point to the remote destination… Did not made it! Ended up with a lot more grey hair, so I choose the low-tec way :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Backed up “only” 900 GB and it took appx. 3 month with more or less two backup session per week.