Best Cloud Storage Deals?

So it’s been a minute since we compared notes on cloud storage deals. I was looking at what I thought was a legit offer from Microsoft for unlimited OneDrive storage in a bare-bones deal for $100 / yr. My still-growing 11TB of media and backups storage were all, oh, yeah. But it turns out that is only valid at quantity 5 users… Not ready to spend half a grand annually on offsite storage.

So anyway, where can a boy and his soon-to-be-a-dozen terabytes go?

I heard that Gsuite can have unlimited but not sure if needs min 5 users or not.

What is your expectation/use case? 11Tb is a lot and if you need on-demand (like Onedrive); it may be costly. However if you go for things like Coldline/Glacier then can help moderate the cost.

Coldline or glacier is not something I had considered, I should look at that. I would not be using this as a direct target for Duplicati, so I could manage the retrieval more conservatively.

Try this one

It is decentralised cloud storage. I backup all my data there with duplicati

Thanks, worth checking out!

I’ve found B2 to be cheap and reliable for my needs.
I use it to backup everything except my movie collection.
Movies are backed up locally, and a yearly offsite backup (I can accept loosing my newest movies in case of theft or fire).

last time I tried B2 it accepted new data at about 20% of the rate of all other cloud services. Way too slow.

I’m using their EU datacenter and get a steady 30/30 mbit (limited by my cheap connection).

Have you considered a NAS located at a friend/family?

Currently doing just that, only looking for other tools to have in my kit :slight_smile:

There are lots of places on the Internet that try to do what’s being tried here, if you want further opinions. Discussing here is more likely to find things that work with Duplicati, of course, and that counts for a lot.
Once something is proposed, forum search (upper corner) can see if anyone not right here has used it.

One thing that’s changed recently is B2 now has S3 compatible APIs which possibly make a difference. Original B2 API (the one that Duplicati calls B2 Cloud Storage) steered client to use specific equipment.
Duplicati now offers two different S3 compatible implementations to select from, and speeds might vary.

If you get into S3, Wasabi prices might land similarly to B2, after factoring in B2 download fees, although Wasabi has other price adds like minimum storage retention policy. Going even further is Google Cloud, with what “looks” like an incredible deal for “Data storage” in the “Archive Storage” class, but there’s the “Retrieval and early deletion” fee to consider. They do have three other storage classes to choose from.

Note that Duplicati ordinarily does do downloading during compacting to prevent wasted space buildups. This can bother Amazon cold storage for technical reasons. With Google it might just impact the charge.

This is why I really don’t want to use cloud as a direct Duplicati target. I would rather create a backup elsewhere and then rsync with --delete to my cloud location.

It is decentralised cloud storage. I backup all my data there with duplicati