Best Backup Solution for my Docker Swarm

Thank you so much for this tool. It is amazing. I never thought about having a backup tool with a web UI. I run it in a container and use it to backup up my Docker volumes using a custom driver. I was just able to restore some files that I corrupted somehow with a backup from a couple days ago. The fact that it has a scheduler built-in and that it has an amazing web UI just tops it all off.

I have a small Docker Swarm with about 4GB of application data in Docker volumes. I use Duplicati to do daily backups using the smart retention policy. It manages to use up only 1GB of data while holding the last 10 versions of my 4GBs of source data. All of which is stored seamlessly on Amazon S3.

I can hardly imagine a better solution. It took all of the pain out of having to design an effective backup solution for my Docker cluster.

Oh, and I use it for my laptop now, too. Thank you!

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Hi @zicklag, welcome to the forum!

Thanks for sharing your experience with Duplicati! I also use it in a Docker container (I haven’t advanced to swarms yet) to back up one of my servers (as well as using individual installations on multiple machines and OSes). :slight_smile: