Beginners Instructions for Hyperv Backups

Hi All.

I’m new to Duplicati, apologies if im missing something obvious.

I’m trying to backup Hyper-V VMs using Duplicati.

I understand the problems mentioned in other posts meaning that the whole VM hard disk will be backed up each time. I can live with that.

However I cannot find any instructions how to create the backup.
I can see some mentions in the forum about people being asked to copy dlls around etc… but now how i create the backup?

In the Web UI I can only see folder backup options. I can see mentions of hyper-v on the command line tool - But nothing I’ve tried seems to work. It feels like I’m missing something obvious.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

Hi @sparky, welcome to the forum!

Are you looking to back up actively running VMs?

Thanks for the welcome.
Excited to have found Duplicati. I need a hyper-v solution quite quickly. :slight_smile:

Yes. Approx 6 currently running VM’s. Given the size (300Gb will back up to a local share).

Just discovered that I need to run Duplicati as Administrator (Seems obvious now) to see Hyper-V as an option.

Was a daft question after all.


For anyone else reading this I did the following to get a hyper-v backup working.

1.) Install Duplicati on hyper V Host
2.) Ctop Duplicati from the tray icon.
3.) Copy the contents of AlphaVSS folder overwriting files (C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2)
4.) Install the Visual C++ Runtime (Its under “Other Tools and Frameworks” at Downloads | IDE, Code, & Team Foundation Server | Visual Studio)

5.) Start Duplicati as an Administrator
6.) When creating a backup you will now have Hyper-V options as well as the file system.

See also:

Starting from the search option at top of page, might find some useful information. I don’t run Hyper-V myself, so I can’t say much about how to back up. Probably one concern is getting a consistent backup of the actively running VMs. It involves lots of pieces.

Hyper-V Backup Approaches

Backing up and restoring virtual machines

Maybe it will all just work, but it’d probably be worth making extra sure that restored VMs are problem-free.

Glad to hear you made progress despite me getting distracted! :blush:

So with what you did it’s not performing a backup? It so and you have the time/resources, please let us know if a restored VM works as expected for you.

I’d love to use your steps as they basis of a #howto guide!

General question for all Hyper-V Duplicati users… Have any of you backed up a Hyper-V VM with a passthrough (physical) drive?

There’s a Microsoft page about Hyper-V backups that mentions their tool won’t back up passthrough devices at the host level…

Backup is running. Its very slow (One for me to investigate) but running.

I will be very surprised if it doesn’t work… Its using Alpha VSS and is similar to HVBackup (CodePlex Archive).

We’ve restored VM’s using HV Backup many times without issue in the past.
When complete ill try a restore and feed back. Ill be surprised if it doesn’t work.

To answer your question - I have never tried backing up pass through devices.

Feel free to use my steps for a #howto guide - Ill even contribute if i can.

@ts678 - Duplicati is using AlphaVSS to create a volume shadow copy of the files used by the VM.
This means it can backup the VM without worrying about the files changing mid copy. Every VM backup solution I’ve looked at seems to use this to ensure VM integrity.

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Yeah, initial backups can be slow - subsequent ones are usually much faster. :slight_smile:

I don’t have Hyper-V myself - are you able to filter out temp files & such or is this more of a VM image backup?

Its a VM Image backup so very big backup files.

On the plus side it means restores can be done quickly and onto different hardware so it does suit us.

My plan to test the backup is to install Duplicati onto a second server and restore to that. I might need a day or two to get the time to do so but i will feed back.

Just to close this thread off. Tried performing a Restore of a VM. Restored and ran without issue.


You started the thread because you couldn’t find instructions on how to do it - not that you have, what sort of instructions do you think might help others?