Backups to Hetzner StorageBox via SFTP or webdav


I want to backup data to my StorageBox from Hetzner. I want to do it via the SFTP protocol. But sadly it never works. When I test the connection it works, but I always have to confirm this message manually:

“The host key has changed, please check with the server administrator if this is correct, otherwise you could be the victim of a MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE attack. Do you want to REPLACE your CURRENT host key [key are displayed here]…?”

When I accept it the connection test is successful. I can do a backup manually after accepting the certificate but a few hours later i would have to accept it again to do a backup. I guess that’s the reason why the automated backups never work.

Wanted to try it with webdav but I can’t get any connection there. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong there.

Does anyone have experience with duplicati & Hetzner and can help me set up a stable, working connection?

Thanks (:

Not me.

This at first sounded like you didn’t go to the last screen to save settings, but then how did it backup?
I guess you can keep an eye on the messages and the exact keys. Is Duplicati forgetting what it had already accepted, or is it remembering its key (can also see at Advanced option on Destination)?

If Hetzner is giving a different key from time to time, you could ask their support if that can be avoided.

Have you read through Access with WebDAV? For example it sounds like it has to be enabled by you.

To continue…

What Duplicati version is this? Upgrading from to could need new keys accepted, but it’s not clear that’s what you’re hitting. Also see Access with SFTP/SCP. Are keys it’s using the ones shown there?