Backups stopped completing - no log is created

Dear developers,

since Saturday my new backups aren’t successful. The red notification in the bottom tells me an error happened. There are no logs being created. Even if I manually trigger a new backup, no logs are created, just the red notification at the bottom.


For reference, I updated to win11 on the 15th of October.

Can someone help me figure this out? <3

Thx a lot!

Hello and welcome!

Some errors prevent the job from running, and in those situations the error messages aren’t logged with the job history. Kind of annoying, but you can see the messages in the Live Log:

Check About → Show Log → Live → and set the dropdown to Warning or Error. Do you see the error message there?

Thx a lot!
This explains it.
Remote side rejected having more files in the folder with 507 as errorcode.

Guess I’ll just have to crank up the block size tenfold <3

Honest question from the user perspective, could you add a link to the other log subpage or unite them?

What back end storage type are you using, out of curiosity? I believe the SharePoint back end type is limited to about 5000 files, but I think that was removed in the newer SharePoint v2 back end. (I could be wrong, I don’t use SharePoint or OneDrive as my target.)

You can help alleviate that issue by increasing the remote volume size to something higher than 50MB. Note that you don’t necessarily want to go too crazy. The larger the size you pick here, the slower restores may be (as at least one volume must be downloaded to restore a single small file). Also larger sizes consume more temp space on your system.

(There is also a deduplication block size, which defaults to 100KB. That setting is not relevant to the file count limit issue on your back end. There are other reasons you may want to increase that value though.)

This is a user forum, and it has no way of tracking change requests, though discussion is possible.
You might be leading up to an Issue which at least is tracked and can sometimes get code change.

Work in all areas (forum, documentation, code, test, etc.) depends on volunteers. More are needed.
Although I don’t know the code details, uniting a totally static log and a totally live one might fit poorly.
Then again, see below, where server logs are that way. I’m not a web developer, so can’t comment.

Viewing the log files of a backup job does not refer to a Viewing the Duplicati Server Logs alternative information source when the job log falls short, which it does not only on level of detail, but on errors serious enough to prevent the backup from finishing. Those errors are often in the stored server log.

Although it’d be nice to get the manual improved, the linking idea might be simple enough to attract a volunteer to do it. In my experience, when Duplicati gives a popup error with a Show button, it goes to standard location for job log whether or not the log is there. Maybe some links right under the buttons General and Remote could say where else to look if the job log is missing or lacks the needed detail.

I’m not certain how linkable the server log sections are. Both reside at (in English) About → Show log,
however clicking on the Stored or Live buttons won’t change the URL displayed in browser status bar.
Presumably there’s some JavaScript code changing the view, so we need a web developer volunteer.

If links are not possible, one could refer to them as About → Show log → Stored and alternatively Live, however getting the new descriptions translated the way the old were were (if they were) may be hard.

Combine logs in GUI #1152 was opened in 2014 by the original author. I assume it’s difficult to resolve.
I’m hoping there’s some way to make the issue at least more fathomable short of asking on the forum.