Backups ok, but restore fails -database or disk full. TMPDIR ignored!

Hi guys!

I’m running Duplicati on an LXC container within Proxmox. The NFS shares to be backed up are mount points to which it can normally access. So far it has backed up everything without issue. But I"m trying now to restore an 800GB folder of the backup. While scanning blocks, it clearly runs out of the container’s storage (10GB), resulting in an error about DB full. ok. So I set a --tempdir variable on the Settings - advanced, pointing to another path within the NFS mount. Which is ignored. So I set TMPDIR in the /etc/environment to a path within the NAS. And yet it still seems to be writing the restore onto the container’s storage. What am I doing wrong?

Nevermind…I think I got it. It completely ignores the /etc/environment variable, but if you edit the environment file used by duplicati.service (/etc/default/duplicati) and add TMPDIR=your_path there, it seems to finally take.

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